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Building A Hurricane-Proof Future for Housing” (Make Change, November 2018)

A New Solar Facility Creates Jobs And Energy Independence for The Navajo Nation” (Make Change, October 2018)

“Using Crypto-Currency’s Foundation to Create Financial Inclusion” (Make Change, December 2017)

Waste Wanted” (VICE, December 2015)

“A Changing Approach to Native American Education” (Liberty Project, October 2015) 

Japan’s Building An Army of Over-Friendly Androids for The 2020 Tokyo Olympics” (VICE, September 2015)

What’s Up with All The Dead Whales, Alaska?” (VICE, August 2015)

“Face-to-Face with Climate Change atop An Icelandic Glacier” (Liberty, July 2015)

Scientists Have Devised A Dino-Chicken. Now What?” (VICE, May 2015)

Algae Could Help Solve Our Environmental Problems, So Why Aren’t We Using It?” (VICE, May 2015)

In The Future Your Phone Will Be Built by Thousands of Robot Ants” (VICE, April 2015)

How to Claim and Name a New Island” (VICE, March 2015)

Look at This Badass New Flying Car That You Will Probably Never Own” (VICE, March 2015)

A Portrait of Cruelty: Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie” (VICE, March 2015)

What Happens to Stray Animals in a Blizzard?” (VICE, January 2015)

A Whale Blasted An Ungodly Amount of Ass Ham All over Some Divers” (VICE, January 2015)

This Guy Says His Stormtrooper Suit Saved Him from A Poisonous Snake Bite” (VICE, January 2015)

Science Has Finally Outsmarted Bedbugs (We Hope)” (VICE, December 2014)

Google’s Big Data Overfishing Project Flounders” (VICE, December 2014)

Chimpanzees Don’t Have Rights, According to Court” (VICE, December 2014)

“Fieldwork in the Horn of Africa: An Historiographic Approach” (Muslim Social Research Network, November 2014)

The British Soldier Who Killed Nazis with a Sword and a Longbow” (VICE, May 2014)

Communities Full of Landmines Are Rejecting Landmine Removal” (VICE, May 2014)

Circular Hulls: Dead Ends that Sound Awesome” (CIMSEC, March 2014)

There Is an Official Leprechaun Colony in Portland (Of Course)” (VICE, March 2014)

English Idiots Hold Annual Stinging Nettle-Eating Contest” (VICE, March 2014)

East Africa: A Historical Lack of Navies” (CIMSEC, October 2013)