Foreign Service Journal

In the summer of 2009 I was an editorial intern at the Foreign Service Journal. These were some of my earliest (and simplest) paid writing contributions. 

“The FS [Foreign Service] Blogosphere in 2009” (Foreign Service Journal, Nov 2009)

“In Their Own Write: Our Compilation of Recent Books by Foreign Service Authors” (Foreign Service Journal, Nov 2009)

“Site of the Month: FreeRice” (Foreign Service Journal, Nov 2009)

“Cybernotes: Burma Back in the News” (Foreign Service Journal, Nov 2009)

“Cybernotes: The Great African Blame Game” (Foreign Service Journal, Nov 2009)

“Cybernotes: New Poll Shows Diplomats Are People Too” (Foreign Service Journal, Nov 2009)

“Cybernotes: Do-It-Yourself Project Goes Wrong for State” (Foreign Service Journal, Nov 2009)

“Cybernotes: Story Not Available in China” (Foreign Service Journal, Nov 2009)

“Cybernotes: The Road to Damascus” (Foreign Service Journal, Oct 2009)

“Cybernotes: The Beautiful Bunker?” (Foreign Service Journal, Oct 2009)

“Cybernotes: Hope from the Hague” (Foreign Service Journal, Oct 2009)

“Site of the Month: USIP” (Foreign Service Journal, Oct 2009)

“Cybernotes: Waiting for Godot at USAID” (Foreign Service Journal, Oct 2009)

“Site of the Month: Wikileaks” (Foreign Service Journal, Sept 2009)

“Cybernotes: Static on the Line” (Foreign Service Journal, Sept 2009)

“Cybernotes: The US and the Sea of Green” (Foreign Service Journal, Sept 2009)

“Cybernotes: Ambassadorial Equations” (Foreign Service Journal, Sept 2009)

“Cybernotes: State Historian Replaced” (Foreign Service Journal, Sept 2009)

“Cybernotes: Changing Tides for Cuba” (Foreign Service Journal, July/Aug 2009)

“Site of the Month: Gapminder” (Foreign Service Journal, July/Aug 2009)