This is a bare-bones portfolio site, containing links to most of the content I’ve published since I started writing professionally in 2009. (I became a full-time freelancer in 2014.) I’ve mainly published short reported features and in-depth interviews, but you’ll find everything from short news capsules to 10,000-word longform projects listed on this site.

I’ve worked several beats over the years. Currently, I mainly cover extremism, niche subcultures, and sex and sexuality. But I’ll always have a soft spot for food history and culture writing.

As of 2023, I’ve published bylines in dozens of publications, including:
Aeon | Atlas Obscura |The Awl The Blood Project Centennial Media | Civil Eats | Complex | The Daily Beast | Details | Digiday | Eater | The Economist‘s Baobab Blog | Extra Crispy | Food52 | Forbes.com | Fortune | Green Entrepreneur | InsideHook | JSTOR Daily | Mashable | Mel Magazine | Men’s Health | Men’s Journal | Mic | New Yorker Online | The Outline | Ozy | Playboy | Politico NYC | ReWire News | Roads & Kingdoms SELF | Serious Eats | Slate | The Takeout | Tasting Table | VICE | Vox Zipper Magazine

I’ve also offered editorial and research support to numerous academics and media projects.

If you want to learn more about me, comment on any of my past or current projects, or shoot me a pitch or proposal, please feel free to drop me a line via email or social media.

Although I periodically update story links on this site, sometimes publications go under or change their site maps. If you find a broken link, please do let me know so I can fix it ASAP!