GOOD Magazine

From the summer of 2014 to the spring of 2016 I was a regular contributor for GOOD Magazine. These are the eclectic reports, op-eds, and blog posts I contributed in that capacity.

“What Americans Can Learn from The New Dutch Dietary Guidelines” (GOOD, April 2016)

“Why The Homeless Need Their Pets” (GOOD, April 2016)

“How ‘Big Math’ Is Keeping You Down” (GOOD, April 2016)

“Tribeca Film Festival Can’t Undo The Damage of Including Anti-Vaccine Doc” (GOOD, March 2016)

“Don’t F*ck with Our Eagles” (GOOD, March 2016)

“Supermarket Food Waste Programs Are Just The Beginning–Real Change Starts with You” (GOOD, March 2016)

“Five Years after Fukushima, Japan’s Nuclear Power Debate Is Heating Up” (GOOD, March 2016)

“A Conversation with The Seemingly Indestructible Martin Strel” (GOOD, March 2016)

“In Defense of ‘Florida Man'” (GOOD, February 2016)

“Why India Needs Its Quack Doctors” (GOOD, February 2016)

“How Can We Curb The Soaring Cost of Textbooks?” (GOOD, February 2016)

“Why China Steals Our Corn” (GOOD, February 2016)

“A Sober Look at Driving High” (GOOD, February 2016)

“The Case for An International Moon Base” (GOOD, February 2016)

“Debunking the Zika Conspiracy Theories” (GOOD, February 2016)

“The Quest for Greener Jeans” (GOOD, January 2016)

“Let Them Sell Cake” (GOOD, January 2016)

“Why National Security Officials And Tech Giants Must Team Up to Fight ISIS Online” (GOOD, January 2016)

“Understanding Flint’s Water Crisis” (GOOD, January 2016)

“Peter Singer on The COP21 Agreement And The Ethics of Climate Change” (GOOD, January 2016)

“Google And NASA Say They Have A Functional Quantum Computer, But What Does That Mean?” (Modern Notion, January 2016)

“The Story of South Africa’s ‘Pavement Bookworm’ Highlights The Value of Literacy” (GOOD, January 2016)

“Could Eric Schmidt’s ‘Spell-Check for Hate’ Ever Really Work?” (GOOD, January 2016)

“A New High-Tech Project Aims to Unearth The Secrets of The Pyramids” (GOOD, December 2015)

“This Simple Sensor Stops Fires in Crowded Communities” (GOOD, December 2015)

“Could Putin’s $50 Million Bounty Really Bring in The Metrojet Bombers?” (GOOD, December 2015)

“Can A Jungle Marathon Revitalize This Indigenous Community?” (GOOD, December 2015)

“Celebrate The End of The NSA’s Phone Dragnet, But Stay Vigilant about Privacy Rights” (GOOD, December 2015)

“How ‘Super Smellers’ And Artificial Noses Are Sniffing out Disease” (GOOD, December 2015)

“How to Have A Healthy, Ethical Thanksgiving” (GOOD, November 2015)

“Digging into The Confusing Debate around Artificial Sweeteners” (GOOD, November 2015)

“ISIS Is A ‘State’ Whether We Like It Or Not” (GOOD, November 2015)

“The Un-American Politics of Rejecting Refugees” (GOOD, November 2015)

“Can Technology Solve Our National Sleep Crisis?” (GOOD, November 2015)

“Sweden Is Developing The World’s First Cash-Free Economy” (GOOD, November 2015)

“Filling The World’s Wikipedia Gaps” (GOOD, October 2015)

“Why Anti-Declawing Activists Torpedoed The ‘America’s Favorite Veterinarian’ Contest” (GOOD, October 2015)

“Felons, Flames And The New Debate over Prison Labor” (GOOD, October 2015)

“The Latest in Conservation Tech: Gamify Your Home Water Use” (GOOD, October 2015)

“An Unexpected Downside to The ‘Happy Birthday’ Copyright Decision” (GOOD, October 2015)

“How Modern-Day Dirigibles Can Plug The World’s Transit Gaps” (GOOD, October 2015)

“Why Rwanda Gives Each of Its Baby Gorillas A Name” (GOOD, October 2015)

“Why Uganda Is The World’s Most Entrepreneurial Nation” (GOOD, October 2015)

“Vote Zoltan for President And Live Forever?” (GOOD, September 2015)

“Why Fans Want Scarlett Johansson Removed from This Upcoming Film” (GOOD, September 2015)

“Why We Must End ‘Human Safaris'” (GOOD, September 2015)

“How Goats and School Supplies Aid The Fight against Child Marriage” (GOOD, September 2015)

“This Memory-Erasing Drug Could Change The Way We Treat Addiction” (GOOD, September 2015)

“Myth, Mystery And The Search for Meaning after A Tragedy” (GOOD, September 2015)

“Can Big Data Help Us Fight Rising Suicide Rates?” (GOOD, September 2015)

“Why Anti-Doping Rules Matter for Video Game Tournaments” (GOOD, September 2015)

“Stopping ISIS’s Destruction of Historical Sites: What Can And Can’t Be Done” (GOOD, September 2015)

“Everyone Is Freaking out over This New Water-Saving Showerhead” (GOOD, August 2015)

“What We Can Learn from Traditional Arctic Diets” (GOOD, August 2015)

“Are Parking Meters A Tax on Small Businesses?” (GOOD, August 2015)

“Meet The Businessman Leading The Fight to Bring African Art back Home” (GOOD, August 2015)

“Can Plastics Pave The Way to Greener Global Infrastructure?” (GOOD, August 2015)

“The Plight of Living Lefty” (GOOD, August 2015)

“An Unexpected Ally in The Fight against Poaching: International Airlines” (GOOD, July 2015)

“Waiting for A Soviet Reunion” (GOOD, July 2015)

“Could A Saharan Super-Skyscraper Be The Future of Urban Living?” (GOOD, July 2015)

“This New Device Lets Users ‘Google’ The World around Them” (GOOD, July 2015)

“How We’re Making Progress with Iran, Even If The Nuclear Deal Fails” (GOOD, July 2015)

“Why Mobile Technology Matters for The World’s Nomadic Peoples” (GOOD, July 2015)

“Why A Proposed 2017 Human Head Transplant Isn’t Going to Happen” (GOOD, July 2015)

“Why We Need GMOs to Fight Off The Banana Apocalypse” (GOOD, July 2015)

“Could 3-D Printed Rhino Horns Put Poachers out of Business?” (GOOD, July 2015)

“What I’m Celebrating Instead of America’s Birthday This Fourth of July” (GOOD, July 2015)

“Ten Independence Movements You Should Know about This Fourth of July” (GOOD, July 2015)

“Robots Are The Future of Eldercare” (GOOD, June 2015)

“Cats and Dogs Are Not Equal” (GOOD, June 2015)

“How Cannibalism Could Lead to New Treatments for Deadly Diseases” (GOOD, June 2015)

“What Makes Pope Francis’ Environmental Activism Different?” (GOOD, June 2015)

“Self-Healing Concrete May Solve All Our Infrastructural Woes” (GOOD, June 2015)

“The Art of Passive-Aggressive Politics” (GOOD, June 2015)

“Does Cuba Hold The Cure for America’s Doctor Shortage?” (GOOD, June 2015)

“Crackdowns on Comedians in Venezuela Is No Laughing Matter” (GOOD, May 2015)

“Dangerous Routes to A Better Life” (GOOD, May 2015)

“A Biofuel Revolution Transforms Slaughterhouse to Powerhouse” (GOOD, May 2015)

“Weather Wizards: Inside the Ongoing Effort to Master Mother Nature” (GOOD, May 2015)

“At Nonprofit Organizations, A Lack of Regulation Invites Failure” (GOOD, May 2015)

“These Imaginative Worlds and Parallel Universes Will Forever Change How You Think about Africa” (GOOD, April 2015)

“Is Russophobia A Thing?” (GOOD, April 2015)

“Scientists Map out Entire Genetic Code of Iceland” (GOOD, April 2015)

“When Mindfulness Goes Wrong” (GOOD, April 2015)

“Descendants of HMS Bounty Mutineers Have Authority Problems, Too” (GOOD, April 2015)

“Cheese So Good, You Can Take It to The Bank” (GOOD, April 2015)

“Traffic Robocops Are Making Life Safer in The Congo” (GOOD, April 2015)

“A Flood of Good Intentions in Senegal” (GOOD, April 2015)

“Where Will All The Freed Mexican Circus Animals Go?” (GOOD, April 2015)

“Second Life Is Staying Alive” (GOOD, March 2015)

“Eyebrow-Raising Trends from North Korea to The Catwalks” (GOOD, March 2015)

“The Economic Case for Loving This Spiky, Tropical Fruit” (GOOD, March 2015)

“An Unlikely Bureaucratic Tool for Ethnic Cleansing” (GOOD, March 2015)

“Greece: Europe’s Wildcard” (GOOD, March 2015)

“Bidding Farewell to Terry Pratchett” (GOOD, March 2015)

“Indonesia’s Dynamite Deterrent to Fish Poaching” (GOOD, March 2015)

“Japanese City Will Pay for Women to Freeze Their Eggs” (GOOD, March 2015)

“Was the Attack on the U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Really So Crazy?” (GOOD, March 2015)

“And The Award For Most Offensive Charity Ad Goes To …” (GOOD, March 2015)

“To Catch A President” (GOOD, March 2015)

“Don’t Be Fooled by The Latest Uprising in Yemen, Learn from It” (GOOD, March 2015)

“When Mental Health Is The Best Investment” (GOOD, February 2015)

“Weed Vending Machines Have Hit The U.S.” (GOOD, February 2015)

“Flag As Inappropriate?” (GOOD, February 2015)

“Cashing in on The Speed Writing Craze” (GOOD, February 2015)

“The Name of Sustainable Architecture’s Favorite New Material Is M-U-D” (GOOD, February 2015)

“How A Mysterious Metal Could Uncover The Origins of Atlantis” (GOOD, February 2015)

“What Pivot-Obsessed Businesses Can Learn from Play-Doh” (GOOD, February 2015)

“The Most Likely Country in The World Will Likely Lead Marijuana Reform” (GOOD, February 2015)

“Don’t Touch the Wild Venus Flytraps” (GOOD, February 2015)

“In The Midst of the Boko Haram Crisis, Where Are Nigeria’s Neighbors” (GOOD, January 2015)

“Don’t Freak Out about Beef Trade with Mad Cow Countries” (GOOD, January 2015)

“Why I Can’t Wait for Japan’s 2020 Robolympics” (GOOD, January 2015)

“This Fallout Shelter Community Envisions A Less Lonely Apocalypse” (GOOD, January 2015)

“East African Nerds, Unite!” (GOOD, January 2015)

“Why Journalists Don’t Seem to Care about the Tragic Massacre in Nigeria” (GOOD, January 2015)

“Zombies, Pasta, and the Future of Political Protest” (GOOD, January 2015)

“A Hotline Helps Porn Performers Get Out of Uncomfortable Situations” (GOOD, January 2015)

“The Most Isolated People on Earth Want to Stay That Way” (GOOD, January 2015)

“This Woman Wants To Prove That Somalia Is Serious About Democracy” (GOOD, January 2015)

“17 Times Animals Were Smarter, Stronger, and Faster Than High-Tech Weaponry” (GOOD, December 2014)

“The Internet As Human Right” (GOOD, December 2014)

“What Parents Everywhere Can Learn from This Trailblazing Toy Maker” (GOOD, December 2014)

“How To Turn E. Coli Bacteria into Fuel Factories” (GOOD, December 2014)

“How Vegetarianism Divided This City” (GOOD, December 2014)

“How the Towns of Bland, Dull and Boring Made Their Lame Names Work for Them” (GOOD, December 2014)

“Gamification Advocates Try Really, Really Hard to Make Work Fun” (GOOD, December 2014)

“It’s Time To Start Building Wooden Skyscrapers” (GOOD, December 2014)

“The Plague Is Back in a Big Way” (GOOD, December 2014)

“Is Studying Buffy the Vampire Slayer More Important Than Studying Shakespeare?” (GOOD, December 2014)

“Looking Back on The Greatest Twitter Experiment Ever” (GOOD, December 2014)

“Hop on The Kangaroo Meat Bandwagon” (GOOD, December 2014)

“Can’t Buy Me Love?” (GOOD, November 2014)

“Screw Thanksgiving, I’m Celebrating Hendrix-Nye Day” (GOOD, November 2014)

“So, You Want To Evade Government Censorship and Spying …” (GOOD, November 2014)

“Female Monks Challenge Buddhism’s Misogynistic Tendencies” (GOOD, November 2014)

“There’s No Reason for Any Nation Not To Vaccinate Its Feral Dogs” (GOOD, November 2014)

“Now You Can Study at The World’s Oldest University” (GOOD, November 2014)

“Coming out of Invisibility” (GOOD, November 2014)

“Reinventing the Alphabet” (GOOD, November 2014)

“The Floating Abortion Advocacy Group Facing Increasingly Troubled Waters” (GOOD, November 2014)

“The Crustacean Cure for One of The World’s Worst Parasites” (GOOD, November 2014)

“Giant Balls, Naked Handstands: Welcome To The WTF Protest” (GOOD, November 2014)

“The Medieval Weapon With Staying Power” (GOOD, November 2014)

“The Not-So-Mad-Science of Head Transplants” (GOOD, October 2014)

“How Elves and Serpents Are Saving Iceland for Future Generations” (GOOD, October 2014)

“With Ebola, the Only Thing Most Americans Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” (GOOD, October 2014)

“Witches of the World Unite!” (GOOD, October 2014)

“The Standards Are Too Damn High” (GOOD, October 2014)

“Another Kind of Street Meat” (GOOD, October 2014)

“Understanding Africa’s Ebola-Denying Communities” (GOOD, October 2014)

“Why Your American Wiener is Unimpressive” (GOOD, October 2014)

“The Indigenous People’s Movement Bringing Long Overdue Justice to Canada” (GOOD, October 2014)

“Ten Reasons Why Teff Is The New Quinoa” (GOOD, October 2014)

“Access Nollywood, Nigeria’s Booming Film Industry” (GOOD, October 2014)

“Three Irish Kids Are Changing How We View Scientific Breakthroughs” (GOOD, October 2014)

“Vermont Farmers Pilot a Whiz-Bang Solution to Fertilizer” (GOOD, September 2014)

“A New Olympics Just For Nomads” (GOOD, September 2014)

“Flip-Flopping on Fats” (GOOD, September 2014)

“Hamburg Now Has An Algae-Powered Building” (GOOD, September 2014)

“How Your Body Is Increasingly Like A Car” (GOOD, September 2014)

“What If Simply Playing Soccer Could Power A Whole Village?” (GOOD, September 2014)

“How a 17th Century Bible Is Helping to Revive A Native American Language” (GOOD, September 2014)

“Zinc Shortage May Be Exactly What Alternative Currency Movement Needs” (GOOD, September 2014)

“Why You Will Soon Be Building Your Home With Hempcrete” (GOOD, September 2014)

“This Endangered Species Deserves To Die A Painful Death” (GOOD, September 2014)

“How Environmentalism Can Foster Nation Building” (GOOD, September 2014)

“This Is How Religion Should Deal With Science” (GOOD, September 2014)

“The Hygiene Fiend That Inspired The Gory New Drama ‘The Knick'” (GOOD, September 2014)

“Why Hollywood Ought to Get Trashier” (GOOD, September 2014)

“Achilles’ Password: Online Security’s Susceptible Straggler” (GOOD, August 2014)

“Can A Miracle Fruit Overcome Its Unsavory Reputation?” (GOOD, August 2014)

“Cryptocurrency Regains Its Reputation in Paradise” (GOOD, August 2014)

“Work Just Got a Whole Lot Easier for One Million Female Farmers” (GOOD, August 2014)

“A Thread of Hope: Can a Family Business Save Somalia’s Economy?” (GOOD, August 2014)

“Why Can’t People Cozy up to Cuddle Capitalism?” (GOOD, August 2014)

“How Do You Compete With A Flying Toilet?” (GOOD, August 2014)

“The Secret World of Dinosaur Smuggling” (GOOD, August 2014)

“When Making Condoms More Accessible, Does It Pay To Get Creative?” (GOOD, August 2014)

“You May Be Eating Bug Burgers Sooner Than You Think” (GOOD, August 2014)

“How to Worry about Ebola” (GOOD, August 2014)

“How Tonga Got Hooked Up” (GOOD and PRI, August 2014)

“Why Oysters Are Shacking Up in Old Subway Cars” (GOOD, July 2014)

“When Humans Fight, But Animals Win” (GOOD, July 2014)

“What to Do When Your Country Is Drowning” (GOOD, July 2014)

“The Rise of Drone Pizza Delivery” (GOOD, July 2014)