Audio Guest Spots

“Oh My God” (Panelist Presenting On China’s Reincarnation Politics) (Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, April 2017)

“Ambiguity May Or May Not Be A Good Thing” (Guest Commentary: An Alternative History of The Dodo) (Modern Notion, October 2015)

“Learn to Fight Like A Navy SEAL” (Guest Commentary: The Salish Sea Feet) (Modern Notion, October 2015)

“Your Microbiome Could Be The Key to Healthy Living” (Guest Commentary: Birthday Legislation in Tajikistan) (Modern Notion, October 2015)

“White Powders and Clear Liquids: Looking at 75 Food Additives” (Guest Commentary: A Murderer Loose in Spokane, Washington) (Modern Notion, October 2015)

“A History of Gay Rights (Or Lack Thereof) in America” (Guest Commentary: A Viking School in Norway) (Modern Notion, September 2015)

“Lady Spies of The Civil War” (Guest Commentary: The Kuiper Belt) (Modern Notion, September 2015)

“Does Freud Have A Place in Neuroscience?” (Guest Commentary: A New Study on Bullying) (Modern Notion, September 2015)

“Understanding Science Will Make You A Better Cook” (Guest Commentary: Don’t Shoot Armadillos) (Modern Notion, September 2015)

“Introducing The Pawpaw, The Most Delicious Fruit on Both Sides of The Mississippi” (Guest Commentary: Lala The Penguin) (Modern Notion, September 2015)

“Andy Warhol’s Epic 1963 Cross-Country Road Trip, Sardinian Foods” (Guest Commentary: Sardinian Foods) (Modern Notion, August 2015)

“Understanding Dinosaurs with The Traces They Left Behind; Head Transplants” (Guest Commentary: Head Transplants) (Modern Notion, August 2015)

“Quantum Biology and Life on The Edge, Mosquito Asphyxiation” (Guest Commentary: Mosquito Asphyxiation) (Modern Notion, August 2015)

“Elephants and Kings, Foods for Survival” (Guest Commentary: Food for Survival) (Modern Notion, July 2015)

“The Texting-While-Driving Crash That Killed Two Rocket Scientists” (Guest Commentary: A Video Game for Writer’s Block) (Modern Notion, July 2015)

“The Tragic Story of Ota Benga, Cylinder Seals” (Guest Commentary: Cylinder Seals) (Modern Notion, July 2015)

“The Laki Volcano Eruption of 1783, Siberian Sinkholes” (Guest Commentary: Siberian Sinkholes) (Modern Notion, July 2015)

“Will Technology Go beyond Our Control? & Ayahuasca” (Guest Commentary: Ayahuasca) (Modern Notion, July 2015)

“Bed Bugs!” (Guest Commentary: Origin of The Necktie) (Modern Notion, June 2015)

“Tales of The Grim Sleeper, Leopard Men, Cockroaches in Space” (Guest Commentary: Leopard Men) (Modern Notion, June 2015)

“The Fly Trap, Japanese Picture Brides, Cannibalism” (Guest Commentary: Cannibalism) (Modern Notion, June 2015)

“The Murder That Transfixed Chicago, Elves, Taxidermy Class” (Guest Commentary: Elves) (Modern Notion, June 2015)

“The Moore of Moore’s Law, Illuminati” (Guest Commentary: Illuminati) (Modern Notion, May 2015)

“The Inventor of BASE Jumping And Percy Fawcett” (Guest Commentary: Percy Fawcett) (Modern Notion, May 2015)

“Searching for Atlantis, Skin Whitening” (Guest Commentary: Skin Whitening) (Modern Notion, May 2015)

“Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence Poker Tournament, Rumpology” (Guest Commentary: Rumpology) (Modern Notion, May 2015)

“Bison Return to The Prairie, And Should We Eat Horse Meat?” (Guest Commentary: Should We Eat Horse Meat?) (Modern Notion, May 2015)

“Rise of The Robots, Ivan The Terrible” (Guest Commentary: Ivan The Terrible) (Modern Notion, May 2015)

“The 14th Century Famine, Worm Rain” (Guest Commentary: Worm Rain) (Modern Notion, May 2015)

“Elephant Don, The Hardest Tongue Twister, Mr. Eats All” (Guest Commentary: The Hardest Tongue Twister) (Modern Notion, May 2015)

“Rain: A Natural And Cultural History, Self-Immolation, Moon Landing and Filmmaking” (Guest Commentary: Self-Immolation) (Modern Notion, May 2015)

“How to Clone A Mammoth, Naked Came The Stranger, Suicide Forest” (Guest Commentary: How to Clone A Mammoth) (Modern Notion, May 2015)

“Galileo’s Middle Finger, Ancient Trees, The Real Chef Boyardee” (Guest Commentary: Ancient Trees) (Modern Notion, April 2015)

“Jenny Price, The Cult behind The Cutlery, First Women Voters” (Guest Commentary: The Cult behind The Cutlery) (Modern Notion, April 2015)

“Gurkhas, WWII Wasps And The Geophysics behind The Normandy Landing” (Guest Commentary: Gurkhas) (Modern Notion, April 2015)

“Daniel Reubens on SIDS, The Indiana Jones of Mathematics, The Last Empress of China” (Guest Commentary: The Last Empress of China) (Modern Notion, April 2015)

“America’s Obsession with Weight, An Enslaved Muslim Prince, and DIY Space Gear” (Guest Commentary: An Enslaved Muslim Prince) (Modern Notion, April 2015)

“North Korea, Mary Pickford Films, Mars One” (Guest Commentary: Mars One) (Modern Notion, April 2015)

“When A Bunch of Dominatrixes and Their Slaves Start Their Own Nation” (Guest Commentary) (Huffington Post Love + Sex Podcast, April 2015)