Tracking Trump’s Congress

From 2017 to early 2018, VICE commissioned me to monitor and write about Trump’s executive actions and the developments in the GOP-dominated Congress.

Trump’s Deportation Force Is His First Year’s Most Lasting Legacy” (VICE, January 2018)

The Actually Great Bill Trump Signed His First Year” (VICE, January 2018)

It’s Time for Yet Another Battle to Keep the Government Open” (VICE, January 2018)

Think Congress Was Bad in 2017? This Year Will Be Worse” (VICE, January 2018)

How Trump Can (And Probably Will) Botch The Iran Situation” (VICE, January 2018)

Making Sense of Trump’s Surprisingly Old-School Sanctions Regime” (VICE, December 2017)

Republicans Passed Their Tax Bill, Now They Have to Fix It” (VICE, December 2017)

Doug Jones Can’t Stop the Insane Republican Tax Bill” (VICE, December 2017)

Where The Fuck Is Trump’s Infrastructure Plan?” (VICE, December 2017)

Oh Great: Congress Has One Week to Prevent A Government Shutdown” (VICE, December 2017)

Five Reasons to Hate The Republican Tax Plan” (VICE, November 2017)

The Republicans’ Anti-Obamacare Tax Cut Bill Is A Huge Gamble” (VICE, November 2017)

A Confused Congress Is Putting Children’s Health Insurance at Risk” (VICE, November 2017)

Trump Wants to Crack Down on Immigration, But His Hands Are Tied” (VICE, November 2017)

Untangling the ‘Clinton Gave The Russians Uranium’ Conspiracy Theory” (VICE, November 2017)

Don’t Believe Republicans, Tax Reform Won’t Be Done by Christmas” (VICE, October 2017)

A Compromise on Obamacare Is Still Practically Impossible” (VICE, October 2018)

Republicans Aren’t As Vulnerable in 2018 As You’d Think” (VICE, October 2018)

Congress Is So Incompetent It Can’t Even Fund Health Insurance for Kids” (VICE, October 2017)

Trump’s Tax Fight Could Look A Lot Like The War over Healthcare” (VICE, September 2017)

The Twisted Logic of the Last, Desperate Attempt to Kill Obamacare” (VICE, September 2017)

Trump’s Quiet Campaign against Government Workers” (VICE, September 2017)

Congress’s ‘Historic’ Move Forces Trump to Condemn White Supremacy” (VICE, September 2017)

America’s Flood Insurance Program Is Utterly Broken, Again” (VICE, September 2017)

What You Need to Know About the Deal Trump Made with Democrats” (VICE, September 2017)

What Congress Can Do About Harvey” (VICE, September 2017)

The Democratic Party Is Having A Healthcare Battle with Itself” (VICE, August 2017)

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is A Trainwreck” (VICE, August 2017)

Why Does Congress Get More Time Off Than You?” (VICE, August 2017)

Trump Is Poisoning His Relationship with The GOP Congress” (VICE, August 2017)

So, Is Trump Gonna Build That Wall or What?” (VICE, July 2017)

Think The Healthcare Fight Was A Mess? Wait for Tax Reform” (VICE, July 2017)

A ‘Bipartisan’ Healthcare Bill Is A Pipe Dream” (VICE, July 2017)

Republicans Are About to Run out of Time” (VICE, July 2017)

A Look Back at The Healthcare Bills Killed by Republicans” (VICE, June 2017)

Trump’s Jobs Plan Is Cynical BS and Fairy Dust” (VICE, June 2017)

Why We Should Worry about The Ugly New Trend of Secret Legislation” (VICE, June 2017)

Why Trump’s Quiet Crusade Against Regulations Matters” (VICE, June 2017)

Trump’s Travel Ban Is Far From Dead” (VICE, June 2017)

The GOP Is Already at Risk of Not Getting Anything Done in 2017” (VICE, May 2017)

Trump’s Messy Drama Has Shut Down DC” (VICE, May 2017)

Democrats Can’t Do Much to Punish Trump for Firing Comey” (VICE, May 2017)

Lots of Trump’s Executive Orders Don’t Do Anything” (VICE, May 2017)

Trump’s Next 100 Days Won’t Be Any Better” (VICE, April 2017)

Trump Is The Wildcard Who Could Force A Government Shutdown Next Week” (VICE, April 2017)

Bernie Might Still Win” (VICE, April 2017)

Trump Isn’t Living Up To His Big Promises On Trade” (VICE, April 2017)

Jared Kushner Won’t Fix The Government” (VICE, March 2017)

Jesus This Healthcare Bill Is A Mess, Huh?” (VICE, March 2017)

How Trump Has Taken The Republican War on Government to The Next Level” (VICE, March 2017)

Can Republicans Persuade Republicans to Support The Republican Healthcare Plan?” (VICE, March 2017)

The Coming Budget Battle Could Shut Down The Government” (VICE, March 2017)

Obamacare Repeal Is Turning into A Big Hot Mess” (VICE, February 2017)

The Real Scandal of The Trump Administration Is How Little It’s Accomplished” (VICE, February 2017)

While Hardly Anyone Notices, The GOP Is Gutting Regulations to Help Big Businesses” (VICE, February 2017)

The Battle over Trump’s Executive Orders Is Just Getting Started” (VICE, February 2017)

Trump’s Executive Orders Are Scary, But Are They More Bark Than Bite?” (VICE, January 2017)

Trump’s Government Isn’t Going to Be Friendly to Legal Immigration Either” (VICE, January 2017)

All The Laws And Executive Orders Trump Has Signed So Far” (Part of Staff Writer Credit) (VICE, January 2017)

What to Expect from The Tax-Slashing, Wall-Building 115th Congress” (VICE, January 2017)