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Ramble While You Ramble •
My Travel Blog, Updated (Whenever I Am Overseas With Time To Spare) With Notes and Observations

Somnus Scriptura •
My Largely Abandoned Blog of Dreams and Dream Theory

• The Sartorial Islamist •
UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Stories on Unique Elements of Historical and Modern Islamic Apparel, And Its Significance

• Tacos in Tajikistan •
UNDER CONSTRUCTION: A Diary of My Quest to Find Good Mexican Food Around the World


Some Notable Blog Posts

Consider the Address: Systemic Challenges to Development

Fear of the Dark: My Date with the Shadowman

Kenyan Education: Words, and the Transmission of Knowledge

Kenyan Tea: Why Few Americans Know It And Why That’s A Problem for Kenya

Ships and Fine, Aged Wine: The Awful Immortality of Ozymandias

A Story and a Mission Statement

Tealand: I’m Hooked

Whither Education?: Why Western Universities Dominate, Why Developing Scholars Seek Them Out, And Why That Can Be A Problem


The Central Asian Saga Post Collection

Mile-High Mongola: A Brief History and Discussion of Ulaanbaatar and Its Nation Through the Window of a Plane

Springtime for Hitler in Mongolia?: The Dayar, Mongolian Identity, and Last Impressions of Ulaanbaatar

Notes from the Steppe: Twelve Varied Observations

The Isolated Steppe: On Cultural and Linguistic Barriers and Our Return from the Countryside

Tengri, Vodka, and Bad Roads: Seven Final Vignettes from Mongolia

Astana: All The Hype You’ve Probably Never Heard And More

Pickled Horse Innards: Take Two of Hopeful Musings on Astana and Nazarbayev’s Kazakhstan

We’re In It Now: Gold-Toothed Men, Border Guards, and Other Mishaps

‘Our President is 2,000 Feet Tall’: The Impossibility of Kazakhstan

A Beautiful Place: The Tales and Realities of Life and Poverty in Bishkek

Osh: … Kosh Bgosh?

A Week in the Pamirs: Part One, Osh to Murgab

A Week in the Pamirs: Part Two, Murgab to Langar

A Week in the Pamirs: Part Three, Langar to Ishkashim

A Week in the Pamirs: Part Four, Ishkashim to Dushanbe

An Englishman in Dushanbe: Some Worthy Thoughts for a Border Crossing

Uncomfortable in Uzbekistan: A Good Place to Leave