I am a Brooklyn-based freelance writer and editor whose works have appeared in Aeon Magazine, Awl, the Economist’s (now defunct) Baobab Blog, GOOD Magazine, Gothamist, Men’s Journal, New Yorker OnlineRoads and Kingdoms, Slate, VICE, and a number of other publications.

As that list suggests, I write in varied styles about a vast array of topics. My preferred format is the long-form feature. My main interests are:

  • Sex and Sexuality
  • Subcultures and Identity
  • Food as Culture and Politics
  • Medical Innovations and Accessibility

I maintain this site as a portfolio. (In an act of self-flagellation, I even store some of my college publications.) I’ve tried to break that portfolio up by subject areas, specific long-term projects I’ve worked on, and publications I have, or at one point had, regular contributor agreements with.

This site also exists so that people can put a face to my work (the balloon hat hides my receding hairline) and so that I can post updates on any side projects I’m currently working on.

If you’re interested in learning more about me (beyond the fact that I’m an avid cook and love paisley) or my work, please feel free to contact me.