Project Updates

I am currently in the early stages on two books and another speculative writing project. I will update this section with details on those projects when I have concrete details to share.

But for now I’ll drop in one project I’m hoping to find the time to tackle in the future, once those side projects are done and my schedule clears up.



• Speaking in Tongues •

A potential podcast using narrative and lesser known stories to demonstrate the internal logic, wide-ranging effects, and incredible relevance of religion (and to communicate some of the less communicated lessons from academic religious studies to a broader audience). 

Speculative Initial Stories:

Bellarmine Jars: Occultism and American Colonists 
Eat Shit: A Fast Track to Enlightenment

Lahlung Palgyi Dorje: Assassinations and Violence in Buddhism
The Leopard Men: Magical Murders in Southern Nigeria
Mazdak: Power to the People in an Ancient Elite Faith
Pamiri Ismailis: Living with a Living God