Tracking Trump’s Congress

Throughout 2017, I am assisting in a project to monitor Trump’s executive actions and the developments in the GOP-dominated Congress.

Trump Is The Wildcard Who Could Force A Government Shutdown Next Week” (VICE, April 2017)

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Can Republicans Persuade Republicans to Support The Republican Healthcare Plan?” (VICE, March 2017)

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Obamacare Repeal Is Turning into A Big Hot Mess” (VICE, February 2017)

The Real Scandal of The Trump Administration Is How Little It’s Accomplished” (VICE, February 2017)

While Hardly Anyone Notices, The GOP Is Gutting Regulations to Help Big Businesses” (VICE, February 2017)

The Battle over Trump’s Executive Orders Is Just Getting Started” (VICE, February 2017)

Trump’s Executive Orders Are Scary, But Are They More Bark Than Bite?” (VICE, January 2017)

Trump’s Government Isn’t Going to Be Friendly to Legal Immigration Either” (VICE, January 2017)

All The Laws And Executive Orders Trump Has Signed So Far” (Part of Staff Writer Credit) (VICE, January 2017)

What to Expect from The Tax-Slashing, Wall-Building 115th Congress” (VICE, January 2017)